Civil Passion 2019

To challenge yourself, to exchange ideas.

To share experiences, commitments, ideals, the richness of diversity and our peculiarities.

To promote:
active citizenship and participation,
melting pots, relationship and spaces for socialization
legality, solidarity and shared ideals
attention for the others, for the environment, for the quality of life
the non-violent struggle for the rights of the weaker people and against the causes of poverty, injustice and suffering.

To build together a model of a positive, pro-active, multiethnic, inclusive society

A camp made in the style of Emmaus communities

  • Welcoming beyond every difference
  • Living in common
  • Self-financing activities through restoration and valorization of secondhanded materials and for supporting solidarity activities at a local, national and international level

In some camps, you will find also activities of social entertainment, follow-up meetings and cultural activities

  • basic social and street entertainment shared with the hosting associations that work at a local and regional level;
  • meetings on legality, the environment, immigration, relationship between the north and the south of Italy and on the non-violent struggle against the causes of poverty and suffering, organized by different promoting organizations.
  • cultural and social activities open to the public, organized in collaboration with local associations.

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