Cuneo Camp 2024

Civil Passion Volunteer Camp

4 / 11 August 2024

For individuals (14 people maximum) and couples (2 maximum)

From 18 years upwards

For those who want to get involved alongside the most suffering in a community environment of joyful sharing of ideals and concreteness. For those who feel like spending a different week with other young volunteers experiencing activities of reuse and revaluation of things and experiences.

Where: at the Emmaus community of Boves (Cuneo)

Activities: Recovery at local homes of used material, selection of material and sale at the Emmaus Cuneo solidarity flea markets, training and awareness meetings

Outline programme:

Sunday 4 August: Arrival, acquaintance, accommodation

Monday 5 August

– morning 9/12: training on Emmaus and the activity

– afternoon 2.30 p.m.-5.30 p.m.: Practical activity of collecting, sorting and arranging and selling material

Tuesday 6 August

– 8/12 – 14.30/18.30: Practical activity of recovery, selection and arrangement and sale of material

Wednesday 7 August

– Free day and/or outing together to visit places or mountain excursion

Thursday 8 August

– 8/12 – 14.30/18.30: Practical activity of recovery, sorting and accommodation and material sale

Friday 9 August:

– 8/12: Practical retrieval activity, sorting and sorting and sale of material

– 14.30/17.30: Exchange meeting on the experience

Saturday 10 August:

– 8/12 – 14.30/18.30: Practical recovery activity, selection and arrangement and material sale

Sunday 11 August: Departures

Registration is free and Emmaus Cuneo covers the costs of food, accommodation and insurance against accidents and civil liability

Safety shoes with a certified metal toe, gloves and clothing suitable for the work are compulsory. Shoes can be provided by the association, but in this case a contribution of 40 euros is required.

Everyone should bring their own personal hygiene needs, including towels, sheets or a sleeping bag personal identity documents and a European health card.


The Emmaus association and community in Boves (Cuneo) was founded in 1991 thanks to the commitment of young local volunteers after an Emmaus international volunteer camp in the province of Cuneo.

The community takes in up to 14 people in difficulty who are included in the classic Emmaus activity of recovering, sorting and selling used material. The community is based on the founding values of Emmaus, namely: welcome, community life, work, service and non-violent struggle against the causes of misery and suffering. The community is coordinated by leaders and managed together with the community members themselves. In addition to the community, the Emmaus Cuneo association runs the community’s own second-hand market in Boves, and two other shops in the old town centres of Cuneo and Mondovì with around forty volunteers and three employees. Emmaus Cuneo is part of various local, national and international networks and also organises external events to fight and raise awareness on the issues of peace, inequality, immigration, the fight against poverty and for human rights. It also has a youth group.

The volunteers will collaborate in all Emmaus activities, from recovering materials in the houses, sorting them and selling them at markets to promoting Emmaus and external awareness-raising initiatives.

They will be housed on the ground floor of the community in 3 rooms with bunk beds. They will have two bathrooms and live community life with the community members including meals in the community canteen. The community dedicates 38 hours a week to the activity, Wednesday and Sunday are rest days.

For info:

IMPORTANT: As there may be people with addiction problems in the community and on communal outings it is forbidden to introduce and/or consume alcohol and/or other types of substances.